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diamond.gif (862 bytes) The Complete Ingrid Bergman Page was first released onto the Internet in January 1997 with the aim of becoming the most comprehensive web site about Ingrid Bergman.
diamond.gif (862 bytes) It was originally designed and written entirely by me, but since late 1997 I have been assisted with the content by Mary Hutchings.
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All the HTML and JavaScript was originally hand-written using a text editor. HTML editors used to be cumbersome and very limited. However, I've since discovered Macromedia Dreamweaver, which I consider to be the best web editor available.

diamond.gif (862 bytes) All site logos are original and have been generated using PaintShop Pro.
diamond.gif (862 bytes) With the recent redesign, I've made an effort to write browser-independent pages. Any browser capable of generating tables should be able to view the site.
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