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Autumn Chronicle
And here's the latest.
Spring Chronicle - 8th May 2002
Here's another one. Just in time - another few weeks and it'll be summer!
Winter Chronicle - 25th March 2002
It's that time again. A bit later than expected (mainly due to some confusion between me and Mary about email addresses) but it's here. The Winter Chronicle. I really need to think about some updates of my own to the page before too long. Mary is putting me to shame!
Autumn Chronicle - 16th December 2001
The Autumn Chronicle is now available! I know it's nearly Christmas but I've only just managed to find time to upload it!
Summer Chronicle - 19th August 2001
The summer is here, and so is a new edition of the Chronicle.
New Spring Chronicle - 13th May 2001
The first edition of 2001 is here! - Matt Cawley
New Christmas & New Year Chronicle! - 10th December 2000

The new edition of the Chronicle is now online. Click here to read it. - Matt Cawley

Complete Ingrid Page officially endorsed!- 10th December 2000

CMG Worldwide, the official agent for the family of Ingrid Bergman, has endorsed this page. This does not mean the we are now the "official page", but we have been authorised and licensed as a tribute site to Ingrid Bergman. - Matt Cawley

Site redesign is finally here! - 25th August 2000

It's finally finished! The long awaited redesign of the Complete Ingrid Bergman Page has been completed. I hope you like the new design.

Please let me know your feelings via the messageboard or comments sections. - Matt Cawley

New Chronicle!

Issue 11 of the Ingrid Chronicle is now available. Click here to read it.

Shameless plug...

If you haven't done so yet, please visit Ingrid Bergman International, a Yahoo! Club dedicated to Ingrid Bergman.

The club was started some time ago by Mary Hutchings, and has grown into a popular site. It has a good selection of links to images, etc., as well as a mesasgeboard where you can share your thoughts on Ingrid.

Bergmania mailing list

The Bergmania mailing list, dedicated to Ingrid Bergman, is alive and well. For a while the list didn't seem to be working but, according to the website, everything is OK now.

Visit the home page and subscribe today!

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It is years since Ingrid Bergman died. If she were alive today, she would be years old.
There have been accesses to this site.


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