Penultimate gets better

Evernote have released a new version of their Penultimate handwriting app. I’ve just tried it out on my iPad. The interface is nicer, more consistent with their other apps, and the handwriting itself seems smoother.

Notebooks are now automatically synced to Evernote, which is very welcome. Just like in Evernote Food, if I make an update, it’s just there in Evernote automatically. Not only that, but handwriting is OCRed so it’s searchable. That’s a very cool feature.

There’s only one problem though… still no zoom mode. Many other note-taking apps allow you to write in a zoomed-in area, so that you can still write in a large space, but the actual text is a lot smaller. This really helps when writing on the iPad – without this, my writing always ends up too big, and I can only get about ten lines of text on the screen.

So for now, despite the syncing, handwriting recognition and lovely UI, Penultimate still isn’t my primary note-taking app. GoodNotes remains the winner, but I’ll keep coming back to Penultimate to see how it improves.